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A dentist anesthesiologist can help you and your loved ones receive safe and comfortable dental care.


Mobile anesthesia services in the field of dentistry have existed for a very long time with an excellent record of safety. This service is quickly becoming more important as well as increasing in availablity.  Dr. Westerhaus provides advanced anesthesia services that are the same as those provided in the hospital, all in the comfort of your dentist's office and at a fraction of the cost.  Dentist anesthesiologists are the most highly trained and experienced anesthesia providers in the field of dentistry.


If you are a patient who either desires or requires the services of a mobile dentist anesthesiologist, Dr. Westerhaus is here to help provide you and your loved ones with a safe, comfortable, and worry-free experience.  Whatever the reason, we will provide you with the care that you and your loved ones deserve.


The safety record of advanced anesthesia services provided by dentist anesthesiologists is unsurpassed in today's healthcare industry.  No patient should be denied access to quality dental care for lack of adequate control and anxiety.  Our goal is to eliminate any traumatic experience associated with dental procedures in order to prepare patients for a future of anxiety free dental treatment.


Please download and fill out the appropriate forms on the forms tab and contact Dr. Westerhaus in preparation for your appointment.

For Patients //

Put aside your fears //



Dr. Westerhaus will contact you several days before the appointment to:


  1. Review your health history, allergies, prescribed medications and previous illnesses and hospitalizations.

  2. Customize an anesthetic plan to meet your specific needs.

  3. Review patient instructions.

  4. Answer any questions or concerns you may have.


"Patient safety is my primary concern.  I strive to do everything possible to ensure the highest level of comfort for you and your loved ones." 


                                    - Dr. Westerhaus






Getting Ready
Anesthetics are normally given in the morning because you cannot eat or drink before an anesthetic.  The child will wake up that morning, have nothing to eat or drink, be driven to their appointment wearing pajamas or loose fitting clothing.

Upon Arrival at the Office
The child will be assessed to make sure he or she is fit for anesthesia and does not have a cold, flu, vomiting, diarrhea or sore throat.  If the child is healthy, he/she will be sedated.

Once the Child is Sedated
He/she will be taken to the treatment room and continuously monitored for safety.


After the Child is Asleep
An intravenous catheter (IV) will be placed to rehydrate a fasting patient and to deliver medications quickly and efficiently.  This catheter can be placed on the top of the hand, arm or elbow area.  Once asleep a tube will be inserted in your child’s nose to help them breathe.  All the monitors, IV’s and tubes will remain in place for the duration of treatment.

After all dental treatment is completed, the tube is removed and the child is monitored until they respond appropriately.  Respond appropriately means opening their eyes, talking, or crying.

Instructions will be given on care for your child

These are included in the written packet on the forms tab.  

Preparations //
  • It is important to not eat or drink at least eight hours prior to your appointment.  For example, a 6am appointment means no food or drink after 10pm the night before.


  • If you are taking medication, you might need to continue taking some while refraining from taking others.  Dr Westerhaus will review your medications and provide you with the appropriate instructions regarding which medications should and should not be taken.


  • Refrain for smoking for at least 24 hours prior to the procedure.  If you use a nicotine patch, please stop using it at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.


  • Make sure a family member or trusted friend is available to escort you and be responsible to drive you home after the procedure.


  • Do not plan anything for the remainder of the day.




Anesthesia fees are billed separately to the patient.  Anesthesia is billed by an initial first hour, followed by 15 minute units of time. Patients can be quoted for anesthesia services by estimating the treatment time in addition to the induction and recovery times. This is typically the dentist's procedure time plus one hour. A deposit for the first hour is required to schedule the appointment.  Please contact Dr. Westerhaus for help in estimating anesthesia fees. 


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express as well as cash.  Payment is due on the day of treatment.  

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